• Home consultations
  • Mood/Storyboards to source ideas and suppliers to assist you in deciding on colour, design and style
  • We carry a wide selection of designer collections for fabrics, wall coverings, paints and flooring.  The styles range from classic to contemporary, from plain to patterned, with colours from neutral to bold.
  • We can source all materials from a single supplier, for those who have a passion for a particular design company.  Alternatively, we can source from various design companies to mix and match to widen the available pallet of colour and style.

Unique Solutions

An interesting effect of the recession is that some design companies are limiting their collections and are not always providing the range of complimentary colours or designs. However, it is possible to widen the choice by mixing the offer available from more than one design company. We believe this increases customer choice and also significantly broadens the possibility of unique and bespoke solutions.

The approach can also be of benefit if you are working to a tight budget, allowing a statement item to work alongside less expensive items without compromising the end result.

The possibilities are endless.

We aim to take the anxiety out of the whole selection process and make it an enjoyable experience, which is what it should be.



We have a wide range of fabric collections from companies including ANTA, Harlequin/Scion, Designers Guild, Today Interiors, Sanderson/Morris and Co, Bakers, Kai, Zoffany and Kirby Design.

We are excited to announce that we have recently opened an account with Vanessa Arbuthnott.  We will be officially launching the account and the new collections in March, so please come and see what has been described as a ‘rustic aesthetic with an urbanites eye for style’.  Vanessa’s designs have appeared in all manner of interior and style magazines.



We have a wide range of wall covering collections from various design companies including
Harlequin, Designers Guild, Today Interiors, Sanderson, Bakers, Kai, Zoffany and Kirkby Design.

Soft Furnishings


We offer a soft furnishings make up and installation service for curtains, blinds and cushions.

We also carry a number of one-off bespoke cushions in the studio.



We offer a full range of paints by Farrow and Ball, Zoffany and Designers Guild.

Paints we trust to achieve the quality of finish that compliments the other services we provide.

Bespoke Upholstery








Many people have items of furniture that date from a period when things were made to last, but where the structural quality of the furniture often outlives the fabric that covered the chairs, settees etc.

We offer a service that can re-upholster your classic furniture with new fabrics, often rejuvenating a room at significantly less cost than seeking to buy replacement modern furniture.

We also sell one-off refurbished pieces in the studio, including foot stools. It is always worth a quick look to see if there is anything that catches your eye, remember these pieces are unique. We can also source and upholster to order.

As well as furniture, we also provide bespoke headboards and pelmets.