About Us

BooksDesign for Living Interiors was established by Elaine Jobey in 2005 with a business philosophy based firmly on quality of service and aimed at assisting clients to achieve their interior design aspirations.

Elaine graduated with a 1st class honours degree in printed textiles. As a freelance designer she has worked for design studios in London and Lyon, France. She has sold her design work to companies as diverse as Anna French, Sanderson, Warners, Osborne and Little, Marks and Spencer’s and Next. Her work has featured in lifestyle magazines including House and Gardens.

Elaine has also worked as a senior designer and stylist at major fabric and wall-covering companies giving her an insight into the technical aspects of the production process, with particular reference to light, colour and pattern.

Before starting her interior design business, she gained an Interior Design qualification from the Regent Academy of Fine Arts to supplement her textile design experience and technical awareness.

Meeting Your Needs

She believes passionately that every project is unique and that her role is to work with a client to find a suitable design solution.

The team that she has assembled around her are of the highest professional quality and share her passion for ensuring the finished scheme matches the design solution.

Elaine is confident that her background experience helps her to deliver unique solutions to projects of all sizes, for commercial and residential clients.

Design for Living Interiors does not aim to compete with the mass produced product freely available in many outlets.  If following the crowd is what you are seeking from your interior design, then a bespoke studio is probably not for you.  On the other hand if you’re seeking to be inspirational, or indeed to be inspired, then Elaine has a range of collections that can provide you with a unique interior.